I am passionate about leadership, coaching, and  inspiring groups  of any size. Over the past decade, I have spoken to thousands of individuals in a variety of settings: national conferences, regional retreats, and local seminars.


About Me


I’m 37 years old but feel like I’ve had about 85 years worth of experiences involving life, death, miracles, and mysteries.

  • I’ve been Married 12 years. We have 7 Kids. We’ve also fostered quite a few children along the way and adopted 2.
  • Marriage is fun.  Kids are fun. Foster care is hard, but that’s not a bad thing.
  • We’ve experienced 3 miscarriages in our first 3 attempts.
  • We’ve had 2 babies we were told would die, but were miraculously healed. (long and very exciting be shared with you later)
  • I almost died in 2012 from ADEM (google it..scary). I was paralyzed. But I got healed.
  • I had a heart attack in 2013 from strep throat …But I got healed.

I can speak from experience to inspire  perseverance, faith, hope, love, the power of healthy relationships, and more.

I aspire to help individuals, families, and organizations thrive. Life is too short to be stuck.

  • I enjoy sharing stories and the lessons I’ve learned to help people thrive.
  • I’m passionate about fostercare and adoption. I help lead Open Homes, an organization set on helping abandoned and forgotten children and teenagers find permanent families and supporting those families.
  • I own Discoverly and – A  technology company with a heart for developing technology for people with special needs.
  • I am a leader at Covenant Church and chair the leadership team. Covenant is a grace fueled church with a heart for the down and out.

When I’m not battling life and death situations, I am a leader in online education at Bowling Green State University.

A Few Things About My Higher Ed Career:

  • Assistant Director, eCampus, Bowling Green State University
  • Provided vision and leadership for developing new business processes for online programs;
  • Coordinated with deans, chairs, and faculty to develop and support online programs;
  • Developed marketing and recruiting plans for online programs;
  • Implementation of enterprise level LMS, CMS, CRM, and Live Chat solutions
  • Provided Instructional Design for Online Courses
  • Provided Program Design for Online Programs
  • Created strategic technology integration plans to support faculty, staff, and students at BGSU Online
  • Developed first ever online faculty training program for BGSU
  • Developed and implemented BGSU’s blog system.


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